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Hello and welcome to the home of the Hogtown Crew, the Toronto, Ontario Canada Chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order MC was started by a few hardcore bikers in a garage. These bikers came from different backgrounds and walks of life. They had a desire to share brotherhood and socialize together as a group of men sharing a like mindset. That is how the IOMC was started and how it is today. This is the heritage of the IOMC. We refuse to be dictated to by anyone as to who or what we have as members.

We are an independent club that asks permission from no one. We Respect every other citizen and their right to make the choices of what club they belong to and what colors they wear and, without fear or apology, we demand that they give the same to us. We are a non-territorial club, and our Rocker and Patches simply indicate our geographical location. There is nothing we hold more sacred than our Brotherhood and family. Many other clubs talk about brotherhood, but we live it everyday!

The Hogtown Crew was started by a group of bikers looking to get together with like minded individuals, also from all walks of life, who enjoy riding, hanging out and living the biker lifestyle. Our Brothers come from many different occupations and professions. We are a true Brotherhood and hold those bonds as sacred. We are bikers, not a weekend riding club. We are a 100% Law-Abiding MC and respect given is returned in kind. We support our communities along with other clubs that support us. If you're looking for that Sunday riding club the Iron Order MC is probably not for you. Membership in our chapter and club requires dedication and commitment. Wearing our patches is an honour and they are earned not just given.

We do not claim to be more than we are, nor will we ever. We descend from all corners of life and look for quality over quantity, where prospective Brothers are concerned. We ride, we party, & we take care of our own. We cherish the Canadian way of life & Respect those who Respect us.

If you feel you'd be a good fit, send us an email with your contact information and we will get back to you and answer any questions you may have.

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